Thai herbal medicine to adjust female hormones

For every month, every female will suffer from PMS problems and acne because of hormones disorder, they might want to take western medicine to relieve the pain immediately, however, since they have to take the pills every month, they might be worried about side effect caused by western medicines, let us be your assistant to solve the problems for you by offering traditional medicines.

If you regularly experience irregular periods, menstrual cramps, irritability, or similar symptoms to menopause, Aree-Ory is for you!

This is an effective preventive herbal medicine. The dosage is one to two tablets per day, taken before bedtime.

Ingredients include shatavari, licorice, ginseng, and 14 other herbal ingredients to address women’s concerns.

What if I am not taking 「Aree-Ory」 to prevent and have symptoms due to hormonal disruption? 

The next recommended product is 「Kamishoyosan」, a Chinese herbal medicine sold by Tsumura in Japan.

For those who have these symptoms.

If you are tired, stressed, anxious, irritable, constipated, on the verge of menopause, insomnia, etc., Kamishoyosan is recommended for you if you suffer from these symptoms.


For those who have these symptoms.

sensitivity to cold, anemia, tinnitus, irregular menstruation, etc.



For those who have these symptoms.

Cold feet due to poor circulation of blood, stiff shoulders, acne, etc.

Although the three herbal medicines introduced above have similar efficacy, all three are effective for PMS symptoms, so if you are not sure which one is best for you, you can stop by a blez traditional medicine store for a consultation!


🍵Tea for balancing female hormones🍵

This tea is made from safflower by Abhaibhubejhr and It is also available as Blez original herbal drink.

For those who have these symptoms.

It is most effective for menopausal people and recommended for menopausal people, people with hot flashes, people who sweat a lot at night and people who are cold. This tea is recommended to take with Aree-Ory and is more effective.


You can buy these products at BLEZ Traditional Pharmacy.



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