BLEZ ASIA Business Outline

Blez Asia (Pharmacy Enterprise) 2 Bangkok Drugstore in Operation!

Our company currently has 2 operating drugstores in Bangkok city cater to Japanese residing in Bangkok.
Our main store has Japanese translator who is able to understand our customer condition and our pharmacist is able provide you the most appropriate medical solution.
This is indeed a great news to all the Japanese resident who are residing and Japanese tourist who are on vacation in Bangkok.
Many have come forward to purchase from Thai herb to prescriptive medical products as a souvenir would be a great choice.
Please do not hesitate and feel free to approach us for consultation today.

Personnel In-charge : Nakashima 

BLEZ Asia (Marketing Operation) Thailand Marketing Support

BLEZ Asia (Marketing Operation) Thailand Marketing Support
Our company, is dedicated to ship Japanese quality products supporting Thai market. You can rest assure that given our pharmacy is approved by Thailand Ministry of Health and Welfare, and entrusted by our responsible and well-experienced Thai pharmacists.
Of course, if you have any enquiry on our product ranging from import to sales, please do not hesitate and feel free to contact us at any of our retail pharmacy store, and we will be glad to help to address your query.

If you are interested in, please do not hesitate to consult us.

Contact us:
Personnel In-charge :​ Iida / Nakashima

BLEZ ASIA (Franchise Business) Marketing Partner Team

BLEZ ASIA 【Franchise business】 Looking for marketing partner

As our company has a strong marketing team, we are able to source for many types of overseas pharmaceutical products. Thus, we are readily at your serve.
As our business partner, from the following 2 types of cooperative ways, we provide the utmost mutual customer satisfaction. Please do not hesitate and feel free to contact us if you have any query pertaining to product name, quotation or request.

◆Cooperation Model

1. Website Operation Model

Our company is able to act an agent to import products from the Japanese market.
For our business partner, please take note of our following serve.

・Purchasing of potential product in Thailand
・Introducing of shipper to customer assuring smooth business transaction delivery
・Providing of import agent website operation consultation serve

2. Marketing Agent Model  

Our company is able to provide product marketing service for our business partner as an enterprise or individual.
A monthly payment applies for our marketing service.
※Service contract will be subjected to review before signing.

Personnel In-charge : Kimura