Athlete’s foot medication

What is Athlete’s Foot? 

Athlete’s foot is caused when the shoes worn on a daily basis become damp due to perspiration from work or exercise, and keeping this behavior resulting in athlete’s foot.



Athlete’s foot is caused by infection with a type of fungus called ringworm. Ringworms prefer to consume skin protein called keratin. They prefer warm, moist places  where shoes are the perfect environment for them. If you step on ringworm on skin that has been removed from the infected feet or if you share a foot-wipe mat, you can get infected from there. Be careful with foot-wiping mats at gyms and swimming pools. However, stepping on a foot wipe mat does not immediately cause infection; infection is not established if you wash and dry your feet during the day.


There are three types of athlete’s foot: 1, interdigital type; 2, vesicular type; and 3, hyperkeratotic type.

The most common type is the interdigital type, in which the skin between the toes turns white, blisters, and peels off.

2nd one vesicular type.

This is the type where many blisters develop from the area of flat feet, causing the skin to peel off.

3rd one the hyperkeratotic type. The skin on the soles of the feet becomes hard and thick, resulting in cracking. This type is relatively rare.

Other symptoms include itching. When the nails are infected, it is called tinea cruris, and the nails turn yellow and thick, with white streaks.


How can athlete’s foot be cured?

First, as a preventive measure, it is important to make it a habit to wash the feet gently with your hands, without lathering and rubbing vigorously, and to wipe dry with a towel. If you have athlete’s foot in your household, do not share bath mats, etc., and wash them frequently.

If you are infected, do not worry. BLEZ Pharmacy will provide you both ointment and oral medications against athlete’s foot!

It is an ointment called LAMISIL and should be applied twice a day, morning and evening. This is the strongest ointment available at BLEZ Pharmacy.


Canesten O.D. is an ointment that you only have to apply once a day, so it’s convenient to use.


Oral medication called Spornar.

If you have tinea cruris, you also need to take an ointment, but since the ointment cannot reach deep into the nail and other parts of the nail, we recommend that you take the medicine together with the oral medication. The dosage of this medication depends on the doctor, but the general dosage is twice a day (two tablets each time), morning and evening, for one week, followed by a three-week break. This needs to be repeated for three sets. These three sets are for three months, and if the nails have not yet completely grown new, we recommend that you do this for six months (six sets).


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