Blez original product ‘Whey protein isolated’

What is whey protein?

Whey protein is a protein derived from milk, of which 20% is whey protein and the remaining 80% is casein protein. Whey protein is water soluble and is absorbed quickly, while casein protein is insoluble and is absorbed slowly, allowing for a sustained feeling of satiety.

Since whey protein is absorbed smoothly and quickly, it is expected to help repair more damaged muscles of exercise immediately.


Why do we drink protein?

Protein is an important nutrient for the human body, which is 70% water, followed by protein, which is an important ingredient for building muscle, blood, and bones.

Protein is a nutrient that is necessary for the formation of important parts of the body, such as skin, nails, hair, and organs, although it is most often thought of as a muscle nutrient.

 What happens when protein is in short, put it simply,  the body begins to break down muscle mass. Also, if a woman feels that her hair is dry or her skin is deteriorating while she is dieting, it is important for her to consume whey protein, because collagen and keratin, the main component of hair, are also made of protein.


Protein-rich foods




-Soy products

-Beef products

On average, the body needs 50 grams of protein per day, but although meat and fish contain a lot of protein, it is still low, so if you want to eat a lot of protein, you will inevitably end up eating a lot of food. If you want to eat a lot of protein, you have to eat a lot of food, which means a lot of energy. The amount of energy that the body cannot use up is stored as fat.

Is it true that if I drink whey protein without exercise, Will I gain weight?

First of all, there are two types of whey protein: isolate and concentrate. Isolate type contains 90% protein, while concentrate type contains 80%.

The Isolate type has 90% protein and the Concentrate type has 80% protein. The manufacturing process for the Isolate type removes many unwanted components, including lactose, so that the Isolate type has 1% lactose and the Concentrate type has about 5% lactose.

For those whose bodies cannot break down lactose, it is not used as energy and is stored in fat.

In addition, since fat and cholesterol are removed during the manufacturing process of Isolate type, Isolate type contains almost no fat and cholesterol, so those who are concerned can consume it without any problem.

We recommend the Concentrate type for those who want a big, muscular body like a professional wrestler, and the Isolate type for those who want a lean, muscular body.

The whey protein originally developed by BLEZ is the Isolate type.


Whey protein recommended for dieters.

We recommend taking whey protein with an L carnitine dietary supplement. 

Whey protein is an essential muscle-building protein and L-carnitine is a fat-burning ingredient that helps convert fat to muscle.Exercise will be an integral part of it, so don’t forget to exercise!

Building more muscle means more energy consumption, taking additional L-carnitine supplements will help you lose weight even more efficiently because you’ll burn fat even more easily!



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